Australian Marketing That Delivers | Why Work with Mindsheep



We challenge the status quo and are not afraid to integrate new ideas and technologies into what we do.


We provide real-time and monthly transparency around our systems, process and data. Having accessible data and information for our customers to see results is crucial to success.


Our secret sauce is not our systems but the team of highly skilled professionals working together to win you more and more leads every single day. Systems will keep changing and evolving but our team will always be at the top of their game every single day.


We want to be your marketing team embedding ourselves into your business and working together to create content, identify niches and audiences and be a valuable part of the lead and wealth creation process.



CEO, MindSheep Marketing

David's strong background in Customer Service, Digital Marketing, and Software Development is a potent combination.

David’s philosophy is that growth should be based not just on metrics but also with a strong focus on the customer and audience.

He is passionate about generating leads for all small and medium businesses. Taking pride in helping clients thrive on quality leads that keep them and their staff doing what they do best.

That’s what our team focuses on every single day. If you are keen to have a chat, drop me a line. We are here to help.


Lead Web Developer

Charmaine oversees all projects for web design and development. She has 8 years of track record in developing and maintaining websites for small and medium brands.

Tech-savvy and Driven. Charmaine ensures that websites are engaging, fully functional, and incredibly fast (just how you want it!).

Outside work, she is a huge BTS fan and enjoys photography during her spare time.


Marketing and Communications Lead

Inna is a savvy digital marketer/accounts manager. She leads all social media and digital marketing projects of MindSheep Marketing; mainly overseeing the Facebook & Google Ads campaigns for small and medium businesses in Australia.

Passionate about crafting quality content that converts, Inna can help your company gain more leads using effective digital marketing strategies.

She is free-spirited and loves a good challenge. Inna is happiest when she is bonding with her loved ones and four-legged friends.


Ad Analyst

Once a software developer, now an Ad Analyst for MindSheep Marketing. Adam develops the campaign strategies, presenting actionable insights to drive the high-level decisions around the campaigns.

His work extends beyond analyzing data as he also implements, optimizes, and monitors our campaigns in Facebook and Google Ads.

Adam is a computer geek who likes to cook and is interested in 90’s cars and music.


Graphic Designer

Janine is a graphic designer and artist for MindSheep Marketing.

She creates engaging content based on the clients' brand guides and instructions and she's had experience working in the creative field with companies from Canada, Australia, and the US.

She is ambitious, creative, and hungry for new experiences. She spends her free time learning new skills and honing the ones she already has.


Web Developer

A skilled web developer, Jonathan builds and maintains websites with the client and consumer in mind.

He is a natural problem-solver who is constantly finding ways to improve user experience - avoiding friction and creating a smooth online experience for your customers whenever they checkout your website.