CRM & Bot Automation | Mindsheep Marketing

CRM & Integration

If you are like our many clients, they are achieving more leads than they know what to do with. But, having too many leads can also create its own issues. Such as:

  1. Inability to keep track of multiple leads
  2. Hard to classify leads into Good, Bad or Amazing
  3. Sales team that has outgrown their existing system

That is why we provide a CRM service integrating your social media, email, and other lead sources into one tool. What tool is right for you depends on your circumstances, tools, and your expected future expansion. Talk to our digital marketing experts today to find out what CRM tool works best for your business.

Bot Automation

Are you flooded with enquiries and not enough staff or time to look after them all?

If so, our bot automation system can take over and handle your most common enquiries and even filter your best leads.

A fully automated system can set up appointments directly into your system. And if you are worried that it might alienate your customers, we can include clear ways for a customer to fall back to human communication to ensure you still don’t lose the lead.

Web Design & Development

We consider ourselves cutting-edge developers and designers.

We have put all our efforts into ensuring all our web pages are super fast, which means you will never lose a lead or deal down to a slow website.

By applying our creative and technical skills together, we have moved away from slow website technologies.

That is why we have become leaders in NextJS/WordPress technologies that ensure that your website is fast on all devices but still has the backing of the popular WordPress platform as a back-end. In addition, NextJS allows us to keep our website super secure and super fast. You will never lose a deal or a customer to slow websites ever again!