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Founder, MindSheep Marketing

David's strong background in Customer Service, Digital Marketing, and Software Development is a potent combination.

David’s philosophy is that growth should be based not just on metrics but also with a strong focus on the customer and audience.

He is passionate about generating leads for all small and medium businesses. Taking pride in helping clients thrive on quality leads that keep them and their staff doing what they do best.

That’s what our team focuses on every single day. If you are keen to have a chat, drop me a line. We are here to help.



Meet Shery, the Director at Mindsheep. She adds a unique flair to our team with her dynamic background in education, hospitality, and sales.

Shery's decade-long residence in Bali has given her invaluable insight into both Indonesian and Western markets.

Utilizing her rich international experience and multilingual prowess, Shery drives our networking efforts and communication strategies to help grow Mindsheep.

Outside of work, Shery embraces the vibrancy of life in the same way she does her role, enjoying the company of friends and family.


Lead Web Developer

Charmaine oversees all projects for web design and development. She has 8 years of track record in developing and maintaining websites for small and medium brands.

Tech-savvy and Driven. Charmaine ensures that websites are engaging, fully functional, and incredibly fast (just how you want it!).

Outside work, she is a huge BTS fan and enjoys photography during her spare time.


Marketing and Communications Lead

Inna is a savvy digital marketer/accounts manager. She leads all social media and digital marketing projects of MindSheep Marketing; mainly overseeing the Facebook & Google Ads campaigns for small and medium businesses in Australia.

Passionate about crafting quality content that converts, Inna can help your company gain more leads using effective digital marketing strategies.

She is free-spirited and loves a good challenge. Inna is happiest when she is bonding with her loved ones and four-legged friends.

Theresa Del Mundo

Ad Analyst

Theresa is an Ad Analyst for Mindsheep Marketing. She supports the team by monitoring, analysing, and optimising the clients' digital marketing campaigns through various platforms. She is data-driven and skilled at interpreting data and turning it into actionable insights.

Aiming for self-improvement, Theresa is also working towards a master’s degree in business administration.

She is ambitious, energetic, and loves to take on new challenges. Her hobbies include cooking recipes from different countries, and singing with loved ones.

Liza Zurbito

Social Media Specialist

Liza manages and grows the social media presence of our marketing clients. Her responsibilities include curating content for posting plans, scheduling & monitoring post, writing engaging & relevant social media copy, conducting community engagement & hashtag research and reporting.

She is a team player and can quickly adapt to new situations in order to achieve individual and team goals.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her cats and family. She enjoys long drives, watching movies and anime, eating pasta, desserts and more desserts!



Jules writes and has ideas. As Mindsheep’s copywriter, he specialises in getting businesses to the heart of what they’re saying. Cutting through the jargon, and turning tricky-to-grasp information into clear and engaging content.

He believes in the power of words to transform the ordinary into something exceptional.

Jules spends his weekdays writing to the next empty page. And on weekends, he’s either in a cafe somewhere buried in another book, or at home cooking for friends and family.

Lisa Herina

Administrative Assistant

Meet Lisa, Mindsheep's Administrative Assistant.

Her sharp eye for detail and stellar organizational skills not only keep our records straight, but also our team on track.

Lisa handles all things administrative - from managing financial tasks to directly assisting our CEO.

Her support makes Mindsheep’s processes smoother and more effective.